PDF Report generation automation can be used on web and through Command Line Interface (CLI).



It's very easy to start generaing reports using our simplified web interface. Just input your PDF and text file to generate the report.


Command Line Interface

PDF Utility will give you a token and a CLI script to print your SKU on the shipping labels, as well as generate a total item report instead of using a web interface.


Report Generation Automation

Take your report generation to the next level and automatize your tasks to save time using powerful web and CLI tools.


Report Generation Is Easier Than Ever

It's very easy to start using Web interface:

  • Upload your shipping labels from Amazon Buy Bulk Shipping.
  • Upload the Amazon report from: Order Reports > New Orders > Date Range (within 7 days).
  • Select output order: sorted, unsorted, or custom (a specific printing order of your choice)

Easy to use CLI

CLI is a feature we've developed to use the power of this tool to automate report generation using script.

  • Generate your unique access token from web.
  • Download the CLI script.
  • Use CLI script with token without the need of a browser.